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Antique Glass Door Knobs

Find the classic beauty and individual style of vintage glass door knobs, glass interior door knobs, old glass door knobs at Judge Hardware. Our splendid assortment is painstakingly selected to give personality and liveliness to all rooms in your house. If you’re undertaking a renovation project, restoring a historical property, or trying to bring some vintage charm to your decor, then look no further than our range of glass door knobs.

Judge Hardware is proud to provide the widest variety of styles in order to meet every customer’s taste and design vision. Our vintage glass door knobs range from the intricate designs of the early 20th century to the sleek, minimalist aesthetic of mid-century modern that are not just hardware; they are slices of history that add sophistication and allure to your interior doors.

Our glass interior door knobs are made with precision and care, they are timeless and also are a testament to the handiwork of bygone eras. We pick each knob in our range for its aesthetics, strength, and ability to suit many interior styles.

Add style to your home with the timeless elegance and historical allure of antique glass doorknobs from Judge Hardware. Browse through our collection today and get the ideal piece to tell your home’s story.