Minimum Advertised Price Policy

     The Judge Hardware Brand offers a unique resource for interior designers, architects, professional builders and homeowners. Not only does our premium quality hardware enjoy unparalleled preeminence in the marketplace, but it gives our independent distributors access to lucrative, high-end home construction and improvement markets. In order to continue to protect the Judge Hardware reputation for exceptional quality, Judge Hardware has unilaterally adopted this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“Policy”) for all Judge Hardware products (“Products”) sold through all channels of distribution. This policy applies to distributors, wholesalers and retailers (collectively, “Resellers”) who resell Judge Hardware Products to end users. 

     A.) POLICY

Effective September 1st, 2023 advertised prices for Products may not be advertised at a discount of more than Twenty-five percent (25%) off of Judge Hardware current list price for such Products (the “Minimum Advertised Price”). Resellers may only display or otherwise advertise Product prices that are equal to or greater than the Minimum Advertised Price. The Minimum Advertised Price may not include additional advertised discounts, rebates, or other reductions such as “two for one” or “free with other purchase” offers. This policy in no way limits a retailer’s right to set its own prices. This includes allowing internet retailers to communicate an actual sale price in a different manner — such as “Call for Pricing” or “Add to Cart to See Price”, just as a brick and mortar store and offer additional discounts personally in addition to the advertised price.


A Reseller’s first violation of this Policy, including failure to comply with this policy on September 1st, 2023, will result in Judge Hardware issuing a warning. Upon receipt of such warning, the Reseller shall have 48 hours to bring the applicable advertisement into compliance with this Policy. A Reseller’s second violation of this Policy will result in Judge Hardware ceasing to provide Products to such Reseller for a period of thirty (30) days. Upon a Reseller’s third violation, Judge Hardware in its sole discretion, may terminate all orders for Products and/or Reseller’s status as a Judge Hardware distributor. Judge Hardware, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine whether your advertisement violates this Policy. 

Judge Hardware will not grant exceptions to this Policy.  No employee of Judge Hardware has any authority to either discuss or revise this Policy.  Any action by any person or employee of Judge Hardware attempting to modify this Policy is unauthorized and void. Further, all written and oral communications regarding this Policy by any person or employee of Judge Hardware is unauthorized and void. Judge Hardware will monitor and enforce this Policy and contact violators directly. Judge Hardware does not review or approve Reseller’s internet advertisements; accordingly, do not submit to Judge Hardware any internet advertisements that you have or intend to create and display on the internet. Judge Hardware does not seek and will not accept agreement or understanding with Resellers in connection with the prices charged or advertised by such Resellers. Judge Hardware reserves the sole right to change this Policy at any time, for any reason it deems fit. In the event of such a change, Judge Hardware will strive to provide you with sufficient notice to make any necessary changes to your own advertised pricing practices. This Policy is void where prohibited by law.